5 best and affordable fitness bands under Rs 3000

Remember the days when people used to have pedometers that would help them complete 10,000 steps a day? Thanks to technology and the sudden shift to focusing on your health, there has been a lot of development in this area. Now, we have come a long way and have access to fitness bands. It is one of those cool gadgets that not only helps you track the number of steps you have walked but tracks your sleep, exercise routine, and even your stress levels. If you haven’t tried one, you must try one now to get on track with the latest fitness technology.

If you have been eyeballing the perfect fitness tracker, it is important to keep in mind what exactly you’re looking for! Let’s choose the best fitness tracker for you. We are sharing a list that includes the best fitness bands that are super affordable.

Best and affordable fitness bands for your health

Whether you are exercising indoors or hitting the gym regularly, here are the best and most affordable fitness trackers you should try.

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1. BeatXP Vega Smartwatch

Looking for an affordable fashion that looks high fashion? You can try the BeatXP Vega Smartwatch that helps you connect with your loved ones on a Bluetooth call flawlessly. The fitness tracker is an excellent source for both indoor and outdoor activities. From your heart rate to stress to emotions to sleep, this smartwatch helps you keep your overall health in check. You can monitor your health parameters and calories burned for a variety of sports, dance styles, and fitness activities with this Vega Smart watch suitable for men or women. Are you ready to push your limits?

2. Noise ColorFit Pulse 3

Not only would the Noise ColorFit Pulse 3 be a super stylish addition to your wardrobe, but it is also a superior pick in terms of functionality. It comes in 5 different shades you can pick from – Jet black, vintage brown, silver grey, jade green, and rose pink. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the battery because once you charge it, it can last you up to 7 days. With 100 sports modes, this wristwatch can help monitor heart rate, measure stress, analyse sleep, and do much more. Known for seamless connectivity, this fitness tracker is empowered by Tru SyncTM technology that allows you to prioritise your health and well-being.

3. OnePlus Smart Band

The 1.1-inch AMOLED screen on the OnePlus Band features a 126 x 294 pixel resolution. Screen brightness may be adjusted to five different levels. The software has a toggle to reduce the screen’s brightness at night. This device is Bluetooth 5 compatible and has a 100mAh battery, which according to OnePlus, should last for 14 days. You may wear the OnePlus Band while swimming. It can be paired with Android devices running Android 6 and above, however, it does not run on iOS. You may monitor your daily activities, heart rate, amount of sleep, SpO2 level, and the weather on the band itself. For assisted breathing exercises, it also contains the Breathe app. If you are convinced, you can buy this smartwatch right here!

4. BoAt Xtend

Light on the rest, the BoAt Xtend smartwatch comes in four colours: Sandy cream, olive green, deep blue, and pitch black. The battery of the smartwatch can last up to a week easily, depending on the time you use it for. It also has an Alexa built-in feature that helps set reminders, alarms, and ask questions. This watch also has a feature wherein you get an alert when you have finished working out and it stops recording the sessions if the sensors tell it to. It offers more than 120 sports modes including hiking, cycling, cricket, yoga, outdoor running, swimming, and more. At such a price, this smartwatch offers several features and deserves a place in your fitness kit!

5. Fire-Boltt phoenix

With its distinctive characteristics, the Fire-Boltt Phoenix puts you one step ahead of the game through a fusion of fashion and utility. The smartwatch has an impressive battery life of up to 5 days, saving you time from having to charge it frequently. The body of this stainless steel smartwatch is strong and lightweight. Furthermore, wearing the watch is quite cosy. Additionally, encouraging you to exercise is the Fire-Boltt smartwatch. You can monitor the number of calories you consume, the number of steps you take, the quality of your sleep, and the number of hours you sleep.

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