Ardha Chandrasana: 5 well being advantages of part moon yoga pose


Yoga is superb for our bodily and psychological well being. There are some asanas which can be easy after which there are those who want some effort. Ardha Chandrasana or the part moon pose is among the difficult asanas. That’s as it exams your stability, as you move down along with your status leg and stabilise your arm, whilst lifting your raised leg and the opposite arm. Learn on to determine the advantages of the part moon pose.

The solar is all about prime octane power and fervour. Moon, however, is cooling and calming. Ardha Chandrasana because the identify suggests, brings in serenity and quietness of the moon, says world main holistic well being guru and company existence trainer Dr Mickey Mehta. The power from moon is helping to increase compassion, empathy and creativity.

At the well being entrance, sitting for lengthy reasons tight hamstrings, quadriceps and gluteus muscle mass. You’ll be able to finally end up with sore hips, again and swollen legs. So, other folks in particular coping with the issues of sitting too lengthy can check out the part moon pose.

Do the part moon pose when you’ve got been sitting for too lengthy. Symbol courtesy: Shutterstock

Well being advantages of part moon pose

Part moon pose isn’t almost about getting the stability proper. It has many advantages:

1. Part moon pose strengthens your legs

All your leg muscle mass, particularly your glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings, get labored whilst you do that asana. So, the part moon pose is helping to construct leg power. It additionally will increase the versatility of your legs, says Dr Mehta.

2. Part moon pose improves physique stability

As we get older, we could have stability problems and have a tendency to crumple extra steadily. Working towards part moon pose on each the edges can stay you smartly co-ordinated and balanced.

3. Part moon pose provides a just right physique stretch

This full-body stretch pose can calm down your stiff muscle mass, stretch your hamstrings, hips and palms. It additionally opens up your chest and is helping in bettering your physique’s mobility.

4. Part moon pose is helping in mobile regeneration

The vast majority of our toxins are shriveled in our organs, and when all lines and bends are mixed, it promotes mobile regeneration. Our organs obtain nutrient and oxygen-rich blood as we stretch. So, mobile regeneration and organ renewal occur, says the professional.

5. Part moon pose is helping to support focus

Preserving the part moon pose for a longer time can lend a hand to support focus, focal point and resolution.

You want to bend in trikonasana to do part moon pose. Symbol courtesy: Shutterstock

Tricks to do part moon pose

Now not too many steps are concerned on this status pose, however this can be a difficult one.

• Stand along with your legs aside, bend in trikonasana and lift your leg up whilst you attempt to stability on one foot and one arm.
• Take a look at keeping this pose up to you’ll be able to then repeat at the different aspect.

You’ll be able to additionally do the part moon pose with a block and a chair. You’ll be able to use a chair to toughen your lifted leg. All it’s important to do is relaxation your lifted leg at the again of the chair. To make it extra at ease, you’ll be able to position a blanket for cushioning. Then you’ll be able to convey your backside hand to a block, which can also be stored underneath your shoulder.

Focusing your consideration within the upward motion of the hand and the alignment, being perpendicular to the bottom is necessary. Keep away from locking your knees or it’s possible you’ll lose stability and it would possibly not lend a hand in strengthening your legs.

This yoga asana contains numerous stretching, so put on stretchable clothes to be at ease!


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