An excessive amount of nutrition C: Just right or dangerous for you?


Revealed: 9 Sep 2023, 12:00 pm IST

The immunity-boosting nutrition C is thought of as some of the crucial nutrients this is abundantly discovered in lots of vegetables and fruit. It performs a pivotal function in therapeutic wounds, complements our bone well being and improves mind serve as. Naturally, we don’t think carefully earlier than squeezing a lemon or including citrus end result to our vitamin. However have you ever ever concept that it’s conceivable to eat an excessive amount of nutrition C? Can having extra nutrition C within the frame have opposed results? If you’re questioning, learn on to determine!

Well being Photographs were given in contact with naturopathy specialist Dr Manoj Kutteri, who leads Atmantan Wellness Centre, to grasp the uncomfortable side effects of nutrition C overdose.

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Why is nutrition C necessary?

Nutrition C is a an important nutrient recognized for its immune-boosting homes, serving to save you and scale back the period of infections. To organize your immune device for cover in opposition to monsoon-related micro organism and viruses, incorporate nutrition C-rich meals into your vitamin. Moreover, one will have to inculcate sprouts, contemporary inexperienced greens, and oranges as they’re superb resources of this crucial nutrient.

The nutrition C present in limes is especially efficient in bettering immunity and guarding in opposition to quite a lot of infections that have a tendency to rise up right through the monsoon season.

Advantages of nutrition C-rich meals for your vitamin

• Nutrition C is a wonderful micronutrient to improve our immune device and acts as an ideal antioxidant serving to to offer protection to from damages brought about through loose radicals.
• It will increase collagen manufacturing within the frame and contributes to cardiovascular efficiency.
• It’s extensively used as a cancer-preventing nutrient and hurries up the therapeutic procedure in our frame.
• Together with nutrition A, nutrition C may be crucial for eye care.
• It has a much wider function in ache control, lowering rigidity, making improvements to pores and skin well being and likewise expanding iron absorption.

Herbal varieties of nutrition C similar to lime, oranges, gooseberry and apple cider vinegar are used for stopping allergic reactions as smartly.

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Unwanted side effects of an excessive amount of nutrition C

As in step with the knowledgeable, listed here are some attainable uncomfortable side effects of getting an excessive amount of nutrition C.

1. Gastrointestinal misery

“Eating an excessive amount of nutrition C thru supplementation may end up in gastrointestinal discomfort. This will likely manifest as diarrhea, nausea, stomach cramps, and fuel. That is essentially because of the laxative impact of extra nutrition C,” says the knowledgeable.

vitamin c overdose
Citrus end result don’t seem to be handiest wholesome however in addition they lend a hand curb anxiousness, on the other hand, extra nutrition C additionally brings alongside some uncomfortable side effects! Symbol courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Larger chance of kidney stones

Over the top nutrition C consumption can give a contribution to the formation of kidney stones in folks predisposed to this situation. Nutrition C is metabolized within the frame to oxalate, which, when blended with calcium, can result in the advance of kidney stones.

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3. Disruption of iron absorption

The knowledgeable says, “Heavy doses of nutrition C can bog down the absorption strategy of nonheme iron coming from plant-based meals and dietary supplements. Whilst this might not be an important worry for the general public, it may doubtlessly result in iron deficiency in people who depend closely on non-animal resources of iron.”

4. Provoking nutrient stability

Over the top nutrition C consumption can disrupt the stability of alternative crucial nutrients and minerals within the frame. It will intrude with the absorption or usage of positive vitamins, doubtlessly resulting in imbalances.

5. Attainable medicine interactions

“Far more than nutrition C within the frame would possibly intrude with the impact of positive medicines, affecting their efficacy or resulting in accidental uncomfortable side effects. It is very important to talk over with a healthcare skilled for those who’re taking medicines and taking into account high-dose nutrition C supplementation,” provides the knowledgeable.

6. Pores and skin flushing or redness

In some folks, particularly when taking excessive doses of nutrition C dietary supplements, pores and skin flushing or redness would possibly happen. This can be a brief facet impact and usually innocuous.


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