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Hi, everybody. Thank you for being right here with me lately. I am excited to give you this truly particular magnificence with yoga with weights. And if for some explanation why you wouldn’t have hand weights, you’ll be able to additionally pass in your kitchen and clutch 2 cans of tomato sauce or beans, and that might paintings simply nice. For lately. I’m hoping you can experience magnificence and wanna get your self a pair hand weights, and we will additionally want some ankle weights for sophistication.

So if you have got your ankle weights to hand, you wanna get the ones strapped round your ankle and great and comfortable that they are now not transferring round all that a lot, but additionally now not blocking off your movement. So a wide range of ankle weights, a few of them permit you to take off one of the vital weights in little wallet if the ones you might have are too heavy. I like to recommend from 1 to £2 a part kilos as a perfect starter as soon as and hand weights. 2 to £5 have a tendency to be roughly a great vary to discover. So we are merely gonna have your weights for your palms, toes about hip distance aside, and we are simply gonna begin to roll the shoulders again, do some roughly shrugging motion in the end once we heat up our shoulders. And simply know some would possibly really feel just a little bit other in case you have some weight for your palms when you find yourself doing that motion.

Hello. Let’s have the hands and shoulders pass the wrong way, and your elbows would possibly band just a little bit out to the perimeters as you are circling. Playing how that feels. After which let’s pass forward from right here, and let your hands achieve the aspect and up and simply kinda really feel like you are drawing virtually a part circle as you pass up and you return down and kinda finishing that motion and spot What is your vary of movement? It is like with just a little little bit of weight for your palms coming down. And I’ve the fingers going through out for me as I achieve up. So the simpler my shoulder and the palm going through down is the best way it is come in opposition to my legs achieve up.

And, once more, coming down. Let’s do yet one more heat up circle of the hands up after which down. Alright. Now let’s pass just a little wider together with your toes and are available into our well-known straddle seat, which as you understand, I do moderately ceaselessly at school as a nice base to get the legs running as we will paintings with higher frame just a little bit extra. We have now the fingers open, elbows in towards your rib cage, And as you cling the weights now just a little bit extra firmly, let’s deliver the heads of the burden to the touch in entrance of you after which transfer them out to the aspect as you stay your elbows in at your rib cage. So that you are available in and also you unfold the shoulders within the again and we squeeze between the shoulder blades, get the ones, rhomboids engaged after which we unfold huge and in addition feeling the muscle mass on the entrance of the chest and shoulder.

More or less feeling all of the other puts you are attractive via doing this easy motion. Okay. Do a couple of extra. We squeeze on the finish. Waits contact. Little squeeze, weights contact, squeeze, After which let’s do yet one more. And as we end out right here, we will pass forward and convey our weights to stand each and every different.

Fingers face each and every different. We are gonna slide that proper elbow in and push out to the proper together with your left palms after which pull that left arm. And kinda like you are doing a punch out to the correct, you go with the flow that weight again to impartial, sink into your legs as you punch to the correct, instantly forward, punch to the left. In order you do a tempo that feels just right for you, simply really feel that rotation from the waist with out transferring your knees or your hips. So your legs are running.

And as you go with the flow that weight out in entrance of you, you’ll be able to really feel possibly a few of that paintings throughout the most sensible of your shoulder space. Really feel some core muscle mass engaged to really feel how you are transferring from the waist relatively than transferring out of your hips. Give me a pair extra. Succeed in around the room. Glance out in that course.

Issues in most cases get extra fascinating with repetition. I attempt to opt for those strikes for possibly a few minute. Simply kinda provide you with a body of what we are roughly running with lately. Ok. Let’s stay your weights via your aspect, straighten your legs, give just a little relaxation. Ok? You’ll have your hands down in entrance of you.

We’re going to return into the legs when you find yourself able. And as you agree into the legs, deliver your weights down, fingers face each and every different. So we are gonna swing the left arm up and switch a little bit to seem to the left, come down, proper arm up, and glance just a little bit to the correct. So we are gonna stay alternating. A few of you, possibly you have completed this with me in different categories, however understand what is other when you have got that weight for your palms.

Would inspire you to transport slowly into the pose and are available slowly out of the pose. So we aren’t in any rush. And, in my enjoy now running with the weights goes slower. I believe like I am growing extra power going up. And down via going sluggish as opposed to speedy. So it is not tremendous cardio high quality motion over amount.

And take a look at only some extra of them with that vary of movement for you as like. We are looking to stay the knees proper the place they’re. And let’s pass forward and pause and straighten your legs for a second. Okay. So we would possibly stay your toes as they’re or are available in simply tiny bit. We are gonna bend the knees extra now, deliver your weights in combination, and are available into extra of a squat place and be keen to regulate the toes to return down, and possibly we have now the weights proper above the ground or at the ground. After we come as much as stand, we are gonna pull the weights up in opposition to collar bones and elbows out to the aspect, instantly legs.

We are gonna come down great, lengthy again. Pull the weights up in opposition to your collar bones, elbows out to the aspect. Optimistically, that feels nice for your shoulders. Okay. So your pacing may well be just a little bit other than mine, however we are gonna attempt to stay quite of a sluggish rhythmic tempo. After all, it will begin to really feel just a little bit cardio as you are going up and down.

And noticing once more, occasionally some actions are more straightforward within the shoulders and others with weights. For those who had a wide range, I do know from doing this, that is one that may generally tend to do heavier weights. On occasion I’m going to name out ones that really feel like lighter weights are a wise concept. However, truly, all of it relies on you. Okay. What feels manageable to easily pass in and out?

Let’s do yet one more. Squat, arise, and let your hands come down. Proper. Let’s flip the feet in, and he’s going to toe your legs and toes in opposition to each and every different. And as we are going through instantly forward, take your hands all of the approach up above your shoulders. And let’s shift our weight in your proper foot and carry your left knee and do some exterior rotation.

Deliver your foot down after which shift your weight. Deliver your proper knee up just a little exterior rotation. Alright. So that is what the leg phase is. Let’s check out once more left leg up exterior rotation and deliver your proper hand down in opposition to your left knee. Return up.

Proper leg up. We’re going to exterior rotation and are available down to the touch the internal proper knee. Alright. So possibly you get the rhythm, what we are gonna do, left knee up, exterior rotation, contact the internal leg. Up we pass. Exterior rotation, contact the internal leg. Impartial, shift, left leg up, contact inside knee, Do a pair extra exterior rotation at the proper.

Contact the internal knee. How about yet one more to each and every aspect. Left leg kicks up. After which the correct leg kicks up. Alright. Let’s deliver your hands down in your aspect. Ok.

Possibly just a little shoulder roll. Solid for your legs once more. Now let’s have your, hands pop out to the aspect, and we are gonna tip to the correct. And as you deliver your left leg up, take your proper arm up. As we deliver our left foot down, we will take our left arm up. We swing the left leg out to the aspect.

We deliver the correct arm up. And when the left leg comes down, the left arm is going up. Okay. So kinda really feel that little tip and achieve into your diagonal line. Possibly that is about 3. We’re going to do a couple of extra of the ones.

Noticing the steadiness. We’re going to come and pass. Not anything private. Stay running in to discovering the place your middle is. And let’s do yet one more as a result of I am positive you are having such a lot amusing too, like I’m.

Alright. Now let’s pass forward and take that left arm down and spot what it appears like once we’re on our different aspect, so hands may well be out. And as you kick out that Left, proper leg, achieve your proper arm, left arm up, our diagonal, proper leg down, proper arm up. Proper leg out to the aspect. Left arm reaches out diagonal. Come again together with your proper arm up.

Proper leg kicks out, in finding that diagonal line, proper foot down, proper arm up, Couple extra. Once more, steadiness, once more, would possibly come and pass. No large deal. Let’s do your highest. And let’s have a look at once more what tempo feels just right for you. Once I believe like I am beginning to accelerate, I am getting comments that I am going too speedy, and it is onerous to stabilize. So great to decelerate.

If you’re feeling like you are dropping steadiness, floor your status foot. Alright. Now we are most definitely with regards to even. Circle the shoulders just a little bit right here. Alright. Now one different amusing one, have your hands out in entrance of you together with your weights. And in case your weights are too heavy, pass to at least one So we are gonna kick your left leg to the proper because the arm swing to the left.

As you kick your leg as much as the aspect, to the left, your hands pass to the correct. So you are looking to stay your foot floating above the bottom as you exchange leg one approach hands the opposite. Legs a method, hands the opposite. You kinda in finding possibly your vary is smaller the place you are kicking much less twisting record. The place is that fascinating problem for you?

Possibly a couple of extra instances swinging the leg to the aspect, torso to the aspect. Alright. Let’s pass forward and forestall on that aspect. After which we will opt for the second one aspect. So, once more, each weights out or one weight of two weights really feel like an excessive amount of. And as your palms pass to the correct, the leg kicks to the left. Hands to left leg to the correct. And we’d in finding that little swinging.

Hands a method leg the opposite. I in finding it extraordinarily useful to seek out one thing in entrance of you that is not transferring that you’ll be able to center of attention on. As you progress your limbs in other way, deepening your focus, in addition to your power. Alright. How about we are saying we finish that cycle now and convey your toes down. You may roll your shoulders a couple of instances.

That is a difficult one. Alright. So, let’s transfer it up now and switch to stand the fast finish of your mat. In order we head to a stance that would possibly really feel like your mountain pose, I wanna invite you from right here to step again. Shall we say together with your proper foot first, and let’s pass into our warrior one stance. And when you’re feeling strong for your legs, let your hands achieve out in entrance of you after which take the ones weights up into the air above your head.

It used to be sinking to the lunge of your entrance knees. You deliver your hands to function submit place. Straighten your entrance leg as you deliver your elbows for hands parallel, deep for your lunge together with your weights out to the aspect, entrance leg instantly, squeeze elbows in. I imply, ahead open chest, lean again elbows contact. Open chest, lean again.

Let’s do yet one more. Open chest, After which lean again. And let’s have your hands out to the aspect to lend a hand us transition together with your proper foot ahead and then deepen into chair legs as you deliver your weights in the back of you and squeeze between your shoulder blades. We are gonna pass between right here and bringing the weights in your higher shoulder chest and do a bicep curl. Possibly we tip just a little ahead, glance down, stretch your weights again, running triceps, and biceps.

Weights return, triceps, and are available into the biceps, keep for your chair legs, 2 extra return, biceps, ship the ones weights again. And as we come to the bicep, let’s come as much as instantly legs and let the weights drop down at your aspect. Alright. We’re going to pass aspect 2 together with your left leg again in that roughly brief warrior one stance. When you find yourself strong right here, weights in entrance of you, hands pass all of the approach up, carry out of that decrease again, Again in your function, submit hands, instantly for your entrance leg, and squeeze elbows in, and again to our open, hearted warrior, lean again, elbows contact, inhale, open chest, lean again, elbows contact, Open it huge. It will each contact.

And yet one more time going huge. And convey your elbows in. Now let’s pass forward and open your hands as much as the aspect to lend a hand us steadiness as we step that again leg ahead. After which take the ones weights in the back of you, squeeze between your shoulder blades, spend the ones ankles and knees, bicep curl, triceps, bicep curl, truly great, lengthy again triceps, Really feel the ones biceps, triceps, curl in, and the ones come as much as instantly legs with your hands down at your facets. Alright. Now we are gonna pass just a little additional again the second one step again.

Return together with your proper leg together with your again heel up as you face ahead into now that balancing lunge. Okay. From right here, I am gonna invite you to swing your hands instantly again like we did in chairs. You glance down, roughly gauging your again, laying your hands. Opt for plane hands and spot how a lot your hands would possibly achieve out in entrance of you. It would now not pass to the touch, however possibly the heads of the best way contact. Return out in your aspect after which deliver your hands again, squeeze between shoulder blades.

Your plane hands, like you are heading into warrior 3, your again leg will get more potent. Hands out huge. Hands in your aspect. Give a squeeze between shoulder blades. Yet another time plane hands.

Succeed in ahead. And now let’s separate the hands so it is more straightforward to step your again leg ahead and are available proper as much as status hands at your facets. Let’s set that left leg again now moderately a ways. So you are in that lunge place, kinda really feel your basis, your center of attention, is obvious right here as you glance ahead after which go with the flow your hands out, lean just a little ahead, after which let’s squeeze between shoulder blades. Return out plane hands and spot if we would possibly achieve ahead right here.

Let your again, like, truly get sturdy. Hands as much as the aspect. Hands parallel. We squeeze between shoulder blades. Were given to the aspect. See if we would possibly learn our hands ahead, weights, contact, out to the aspect, via your aspect of squeeze in between shoulder blades.

Remaining one pass huge. Succeed in out in entrance of you, after which open the hands huge as we step your again leg ahead, and we will spring proper as much as stand. May get started rolling the shoulders just a little bit as you return up. Alright. Hope you are feeling sturdy right here. Now we are gonna come again to at least one extra steadiness in this fashion the place we will face no matter course is simple for you. I am gonna face the lengthy aspect of the mat for slightly, and I invite you to deliver your weights to the highest of your shoulders.

So from right here, we are gonna tip just a little bit to the proper and convey your left foot up into your tree legs, okay, anywhere that foot lands with out the use of your palms. After which we are gonna step that left foot out to the aspect as you deliver the weights up above your head. You might be gonna deliver that left foot in your inside proper leg, weights on the most sensible of your shoulders. Kick out to the aspect, achieve overhead, then come in your tree variation. Succeed in out to the aspect together with your left foot, weights up tree variation.

Yet another time, achieve out to the aspect, pass up, and let’s opt for our tree variation and let that left arm come down and relaxation on most sensible of that left thigh as your proper arm is going up in opposition to the ceiling. Stability would possibly come and pass. So please sign up for me once more in case your left foot is in other places but even so your inside proper leg. Let’s stay coming again to that position. Ok. Let’s carry that left arm up and take your left foot down after which deliver the weights to the most sensible of the shoulders.

Okay. To find your point of interest as you deliver your proper foot in your inside left leg. After which we will check out this aspect. Proper foot reaches out. Elevate your weights. Again to that tree variation.

And faucet out to the aspect, hands overhead, contact the internal leg, achieve out as you carry the ones weights up, tree variation. Kick out to the perimeters. And let’s cling our tree now, kinda dial for your pose as you drop the again of that proper hand to the leg. Take your left arm up in opposition to the ceiling. So you are getting longer in your left aspect, more potent in that left ankle, and possibly just a little bit extra stretch at left aspect frame.

Okay. Stability will undoubtedly come and pass. Sign up for me in case your foot fell off to the perimeters, and they are going to take that arm, proper arm again up and each toes at the floor and hands at your aspect. Okay. Let’s take a much broader step now together with your toes. In order you head in your triangle base, Let’s flip your proper foot out to the aspect. Stay your proper hand in your thigh, and we are gonna flip that left palm out as we take the left arm up in opposition to the ceiling, we will be able to slide that proper hand with that weight down in opposition to your knee or higher shin.

After which let’s tip ourselves again out. Understand once more, just a little extra aspect frame engagement as you might have that weight for your left hand, proper hand, and we tip mindfully right down to the correct and go out just a little other with the weights for your palms. I’m hoping you are noticing. Little tip in your proper. Come again up. Now we are gonna stay that left arm simply up within the air above your shoulder or chest and simply discover what it is like when that proper hand is going down and we pull it again up in opposition to the knee.

With that weight in hand tip just a little bit to the aspect, come again up. And yet one more time, tipping down after which arise. Let’s decrease that left arm. Flip your proper foot in, deliver your toes just a little nearer. So it is going to be more straightforward to show in your different aspect.

So left foot seems. Left hand remains at the leg. Proper hand would possibly prove. As you carry up, the arm is kind of above your head as that left hand slides down. After which we go out slowly.

Flip your palm out. Succeed in that proper arm up as we slide the burden down the left. Arise. Yet another time with that lifting the correct weight proper above the shoulder roughly and keep right here. And now simply let that left hand pass down a pair inches after which again up in opposition to the knee taking place and up.

Yet another time taking place. And arising, really feel the aspect, frame muscle mass attractive, hands down, flip the feet in, and he’s going to inform your legs and toes in opposition to each and every different. Ok. Shoulder rolls. Ok. Remaining one on this huge stance are gonna pass the lengthy step to your warrior 2. So let’s possibly flip your proper foot out bend your knee straighten your leg and modify so you’re feeling strong.

I am gonna take your hands out in your facets and simply preserving them right here once more, we will begin to expand that high of that shoulder muscle. We are having just a little extra amusing now. So we are gonna stick with the legs like this. And convey your, left hand weight over to the correct. After which we are gonna have the left hand face your chest as you pull again like you are pulling on a bow.

Let’s have a look at in case your neck permits you to flip to seem to the left. Succeed in your arm in entrance of you. You observe it to the correct. Pull the elbow again, glance over your left shoulder, achieve out in entrance of you, observe it to the correct, pull the elbow again, glance over your shoulder. Yet another time, whilst you glance to the correct, carry your hand as prime as your shoulder, pull again, glance to the left, open hands, entrance leg instantly, and modify your toes.

Possibly we are nonetheless maintaining the hands out. As we discover your left aspect bending the knee the place you are strong. Take this proper surrender Ben that proper elbow, open the chest. It feels ok. Glance over the shoulder. Which in entrance of you, pass to the left, pull that bow again, glance over proper shoulder, the correct weight over to the left, pass your chest, open chest, yet one more time, achieve in entrance of you, pull the elbow again, Glance over the shoulder.

And let’s have the hands out, hands down, after which flip the toes in. He will toe your legs and toes in opposition to each and every different. He must reduce out. Proper. So now if we flip and face the fast finish of your mat once more, toes could also be hip distance aside. Let’s flip your fingers open in opposition to the distance in entrance of you. And as you glance ahead, circle your hands all of the approach up into the air and carry the weights in opposition to the ceiling to get extra carry from your decrease again.

Take the weights down in entrance of your thighs and bend your knees. And let the ones weights mean you can include bent knees into your ahead fold to free up some pressure, possibly in that again frame. Transfer them to the aspect for a second as you switch down in your knees. And as we come right down to the knees, You’ll keep right here with instantly hands or come down in your elbows and forearms. Okay. Wanna invite you deliver your knees just a little nearer in combination and relaxation your ankles at the ground as we swing the left leg up into the air with that ankle weight on. Optimistically, that feels nice. Swing that left leg over to the correct, glance over your proper shoulder.

The leg is instantly again after which deliver your left knee in your left elbow, glance over left shoulder. Kick your leg instantly again. Take the leg to the correct, glance over proper shoulder, leg instantly again, left knee to left arm, instantly again. Left leg. Yet another time to the correct instantly again. After which left knee to left shoulder.

Immediately again after which deliver your left knee via your proper knee. Okay. So we will opt for slide 2. To re unfold your palms, kickbacks to your proper leg. Sturdy hands as you swing your proper leg to the left, glance left. Like, instantly again, glance down, proper knee to shoulder, kick your leg instantly again, proper leg to the left, instantly again, proper knee to proper arm, yet one more cycle instantly again, over to the left, glance left, leg instantly again, and the knee in opposition to the elbow.

Immediately again, after which deliver your knees aspect via aspect. So let’s swing your toes over in your left aspect so you’ll be able to be in your outer proper hip and convey your weights with you. We simply want one for this phase the place we are gonna tip over onto our proper aspect on your forearm. In case your ground is truly onerous, chances are you’ll simply fold your sticky mat in once more. So once we’re on our aspect right here, I need to advise you to clutch one weight or 2, no matter appears like a just right weight for you, give just a little carry of this decrease proper rib cage stabilize the shoulder blade right here as you are taking your left arm with the burden up. I am gonna take this weight down proper beneath your proper rib cage and glance down and really feel that rotation via your middle.

After which swing that weight again up within the air above your shoulder. The flip to seem down is that weight finally ends up underneath your rib cage. Succeed in again up and glance ahead or up if that feels just right. Yet another time that very same approach, flip from the waist, arise. After which that final time after turning to seem down, I am gonna stay your left arm within the air glance ahead and spot if we would possibly swing the hip up and enhance that decrease shoulder.

Possibly bonus, we stretch the highest leg instantly. And roughly experience, once more, the additional weight problem with the ankle weight and hand weights. Possibly readability of the stretch with the weights. Let’s collect again in and slide your toes ahead. Keep for your impartial place right here. Like, we are gonna do our a ship variation the place I really like to collect each weights in my palms, tip over, let’s consider, to my left aspect, After which I am gonna carry them up into the air above my head after which deliver them down towards my proper hip.

So I am turning it once more from my waist. Pass up overhead, weights to the left, up overhead and over to the correct. Gonna draw that massive rainbow or circle round you Alright. Let’s set set the weights in entrance of you. Slides your toes to the brand new aspect. So I am on my left aspect now.

Left forearm at the floor. One weight in my hand when I give just a little carry to my left rib cage. So together with your proper arm up, let’s pass forward and spot what it appears like in this slide. When you are taking that weight and go with the flow it proper underneath your left rib cage, While you pass up, take that weight underneath the rib cage, occasionally you do not even know that we are truly stiff on this space of our frame and that waist space mid again. I am surely feeling that.

It feels nice to free up a few of that with some motion. Let’s stay your proper arm instantly up within the air and spot if there may be room to do some carry of your hip and convey extra power into that decrease shoulder Possibly we kick out via that high leg and truly kick out, have interaction that leg holds with the burden within the air above you, or, once more, deliver that leg down if that is the problem you wanna paintings with lately. Yet another second. After which let’s deliver it down. Alright. So let’s pass forward and are available on in your again.

And as you return down onto your again, get settled right here together with your area. And as we begin to get into this new phase. Let’s pass forward from right here and convey your left knee in opposition to your chest and take your proper leg up in the air. So in case you’ve taken my magnificence prior to, I really like circling the joints and the bones. So understand what is other for a second.

As you circle your left leg with a ankle weight on. I do know for me, if I am maintaining my hips impartial, I have I am drawing a a truly small circle to stay my pelvis from transferring. Okay. So I am difficult a wide variety of muscle mass in my hips in addition to my stomach space. Hello. Now if we deliver this knee in opposition to your chest after which clutch a weight for your hand, And with that weight within the air, straighten your left leg and let’s curl up and deliver the the weights in your shin after which drop your left leg down as you are taking that weight the ground in the back of your head. Gonna swing the leg up, have the burden meet your shin, slowly prolong and roll down.

So two extra, curl up, and slowly free up. Remaining one. Curl up and slowly free up. Ok. Depart that weight there. Hands again at your aspect. Left foot at the ground.

A protected proper leg within the air and possibly your palms at your hips so you’ll be able to really feel the place we are looking to stabilize as we attempt to transfer that proper leg with that little additional weight round your ankle. Once more, it is quite difficult, once we’re maintaining the pelvis impartial. And we are surely running other stomach muscle mass, muscle mass of that proper hip. So understand what you are feeling to stabilize your motion within the torso. Proper knee is available in in opposition to your chest.

Let’s achieve again for that weight. As you stretch your proper leg up now, swing the burden to the touch your shin, after which take the leg down and the burden in the back of your head. After which it is a large exhale curl up and decrease in duration and down. Curl up and decrease down. 2 extra, a curl up, and decrease down.

Remaining one and decrease. And let’s pass forward and depart that weight at the ground in the back of you. Oh, if truth be told, sorry. Smartly, let’s clutch that weight for your hand, slide it down in your aspect, and I in finding it quite grounding to stay the weights for your palms as you allow them at your facets. And, optimistically, we really feel, once more, that we now have tapped into some new puts in our frame tapped into some new strengths and new area the use of the weights. And that used to be a second simply to get just a little grounded, really feel the improve beneath you. If it feels higher for you with instantly legs for a second head right down to instantly legs, And, optimistically, you experience that feeling of bringing just a little bit extra tone to the muscle mass as we pass via our follow and possibly kinda spoil via some spaces the place we now have plateaued, and respect the place the weights can take us.

Tip the weights from your palms. In case you are able, you’ll be able to deliver the legs in opposition to you. After which we would possibly rock and roll your self again and forth to return up to take a seat. And as we roughly simply align yourselves, possibly running together with your ankle weights for a second, and are available to that sitting place aligning your self and the ones how you’re feeling for your frame. Thankful for all that you just have been ready to do lately in your follow.

And I wanna thanks for being in this experiment with me and checking out a brand new magnificence. Thank you for being right here till subsequent time. Namaste.

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