John Goodman Shares How He Maintains His 200-Pound Weight Loss

John Goodman has had a wildly impressive, four-decade long acting career. But perhaps one of his biggest accomplishments is his decision to get sober in 2007, which was also when he started on his weight loss journey. Now, more than 15 years later, the 71-year-old actor has managed to lose a total of 200 pounds, with some ups and downs along the way.

Maintaining a major weight loss can certainly be challenging, and in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Goodman was asked if he had any routines to help support himself.

“That was just getting out and walking the dogs,” he explained. “I was boxing up until then and I haven’t been able to do that since Covid because I’m lazy. I haven’t been exercising, but I’m going to start a routine again this summer where I can get some stuff done.”

“I’ve just let everything go just because I haven’t had the energy because of the jobs,” Goodman added, who currently stars in ABC’s The Conners, as well as HBO’s wildly funny religious satire, The Righteous Gemstones.

When asked if boxing was his sport of choice, he said that his experience essentially boiled down to “hitting the mitts and trying to learn.”

“I never got good enough where I would trust myself to spar because once I get whacked in the face, I don’t know if I wouldn’t lose it,” Goodman continued. “But someday I’d like to get that far advanced. But it’s usually just an hour, hour and a half of hitting the mitts, hitting the bags, learning footwork. It’s great.”

Getting into boxing in your 70s is not for the faint of heart, but if anyone has the wherewithal, we feel confident it’s Goodman. In 2018, the actor gave Men’s Journal his insight on aging, which seems to encompass a level-headed approach of slowing down without coming to a screeching halt.

“Just accept it. Don’t pretend like it’s not happening,” he said. “It doesn’t mean you have to flop on a rocking chair out on the porch. And take more care of your body—more than I did.”

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