Free the Angry Beast with Maria Villella

When the liver is out of balance, we might experience anger, irritability, or anxiety, and resist the change that is natural in life. This dynamic twisting class will bring our liver into balance, moving and dispersing stagnant energy as we play towards an arm balance. We begin engaging the core, warm the body in Sun Salutes, and enjoy a standing flow exploring binds and finding space in the hips and shoulders. We move to the floor and open the chest in Salabhasana and Dhanurasana in preparation for Visvamitrasana. We close in cooling poses, a Pranayama practice, and a body scan. You will be happy and sweaty, with clear directed energy, open hips, and a relieved wrung out feeling.

See attached pdf for additional information about the liver, as well as ideas and journal prompts to help you work through irritability or stress within the liver.

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