Eric André Shows Off Impressive 40-Pound Weight Loss


Eric André is known more for his outlandish comedy style than his workout routines, but for the newest season of The Eric André show, the comedian went through a dramatic body transformation. 

In a post on Instagram, the star revealed that he shed over 40 pounds between the end of Season 5 and the beginning of Season 6 of The Eric André Show 

“I think the heaviest I got was 218 lbs and the lightest I got was 173lbs!!!” he wrote. “I’ll never do a body modification again! That shit was brutal for both season. (If you work at Marvel, ignore the last two sentences.)”

In an interview with Men’s Health, André explained that his physical transformation was part of a bid to disguise himself for his comedy routines.

“My basic cable [stardom] has risen a little bit, so I disguise myself,” he said. “I can’t be in this look when I go out into the streets and prank people. So it’s a little bit out of necessity, but it’s also just a challenge, and I want it to be freaky and comedic.”

He said it was a major challenge, especially after he reached his goal weight and still hadn’t achieved the on-camera aesthetic he was looking for. “It took me six months. It’s a full time job,” he explained. “If you see any middle aged person with abs know that they’re either psychotic or unemployed, because it is a full time job.”

In addition to working with three trainers and employing a combination of strength training and HIIT via classes like Barry’s Bootcamp, he radically changed his diet.

“My nutritionist, David Allen, had me on 1,800 and 2,000 calories a day, even while working out a lot,” André said. “I was eating nothing but fish, chicken, fruits and vegetables. Japanese sweet potato and sourdough bread were my only carbs. My snack would be no sodium tuna, turkey slices, cottage cheese, and grapes. But, if your only carbs are Japanese sweet potato and sourdough bread, and you can’t eat after six o’clock in the evening, and you’re drinking a gallon of water, and you can’t drink any alcohol, and you can’t have hot Cheetos—you start losing your mind.” 

Check out his transformation below and read more on Men’s Health

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