Tone your muscles with yoga: how to do it?

Yoga is a perfect discipline to tone the muscles of the body , because you perform a much more intense exercise than it may seem at first glance.

Thanks to this activity we manage to harmonize body and mind by working on our balance. The wonderful aspect of yoga is that it allows us to focus on the present moment and tone our muscles .

Doing yoga helps build strength

Thanks to yoga it is possible to tone the muscles because it helps us develop strength. It must be said, however, that not all types of yoga allow us to achieve this goal. Some are more “fitness” or more “athletic” than others.

For example, ‘ ashtanga, vinyasa , or power yoga are considered the best styles for building endurance. The question we can ask ourselves now is: how do they do it?

  • Ashtanga: It consists of adopting different positions in a continuous, fluid and intense way. The movements are accelerated and there is no rest between one position and another.
  • Vinyasa: Also known as flow yoga, it uses the asanas in a chained fashion creating a specific sequence and flowing smoothly.
  • Power yogaa: Includes fitness movements and pilates. The music can range from jazz to soul to hip hop. It’s an innovative style.

The various positions work the muscles.

Some yoga poses present a real challenge. For example, the crane pose ( Bakasana ) is not suitable for beginners. In this position, balance is very important, as is the force that must be exerted by the arms.

Each asana must be taken for a specific period of time. In addition, some are made using the weight of the body. This leads to tension and strength of the muscles.

Let’s look at some more positions:

  • Sun Position : Ideal for slimming and toning the arms.
  • Chair Pose : Works on balance and helps strengthen and tone the glutes and legs.
  • Bench Pose : Tones the arms, legs and buttocks.

It is important not to force the body when adopting these positions because if we are not flexible enough and we have just started this discipline, we could suffer some injuries. Although this practice does not seem to involve many risks, we must be careful.

train the whole body

Thanks to yoga we can tone our muscles because they all work together to allow us to assume a certain position.

For example, assuming the position of eight angles (advanced yoga), we will work the arms (biceps and triceps), shoulders, legs, oblique abdominals… You don’t work just one muscle, as happens when lifting weights, but many at the same time.

The various muscles support each other to perform the position. If the parts of our body do not cooperate as if they were a unit, it would be impossible to perform them.

Do yoga to gradually tone your muscles

It is clear that thanks to weight lifting we can increase muscle mass faster. However, the benefits obtained with yoga are much more than those of exercises with apparatus.

Thanks to yoga, the muscles gradually tone up, while we improve our balance and achieve greater inner peace.

Yoga can serve as a complement to weight training. If you just want to tone your body and gain more strength , this practice will be enough to achieve your goals.

The secret is to persevere and increase the difficulty of the positions over time. At first, you will not be able to take certain positions right away.

Do you usually do yoga? Have you noticed any changes in your body after practicing this discipline for a few months? It is recommended that you try this activity as it has a lot to offer.