This Shirt From Under Armour Will Keep Cool During Your Workouts

Looking to get some new workout clothes? Then grab some warm weather clothing that’ll keep you cool during your workouts from Under Armour.

Four times a year, the calendar changes over to a new season. We just so happen to be in the midst of a new season change. It’s right around the corner. And that means we need to make some changes to our wardrobe. Get some new warm-weather clothing to help keep us cool in the heat. Especially if you plan on working out during the spring and summer. Which is why you should head on over to Under Armour and grab the HeatGear® Armour Long Sleeve Shirt.

For warm weather, you might think that the HeatGear® Armour Long Sleeve Shirt is not the best pickup. Sounds counterintuitive, right? But that’s why the gear over at Under Armour is so great. Because of the amazing tech used to make this shirt, you may be covered by more material than a short sleeve shirt, but you will stay cool the whole time you wear it.

Under Armour

The materials used here (polyester/elastane) are mixed with the UA HeatGear tech that helps the shirt breathe more than a regular long sleeve. It helps keep you from overheating while you work out. Another way that this shirt helps you stay cool is that it helps wick away moisture and dries fast. The change in temperature on the body so quickly will make it feel like you’re always in a cool breeze

Now, the HeatGear® Armour Long Sleeve Shirt wouldn’t be so great for working out if it wasn’t durable and mobile. You wanna be able to move in this and you want it to handle the rigours of a hard workout. It’s made with an ergonomic design to help in that regard, as is the hybrid raglan sleeve construction. With this shirt on, you will be good to go for your trips to the gym.

A shirt like this is good for warm-weather workouts because it covers you in more material than a short sleeve shirt, thus you will sweat more. But with the design in place to keep you cool while you wear it, you won’t get overwhelmed by the heat. A good-looking shirt that is comfortable and durable is the Under Armour way. Grab a HeatGear® Armour Long Sleeve Shirt now and give your workout wardrobe a big upgrade this spring.

Get It: Pick up the HeatGear® Armour Long Sleeve Shirt ($35) at Under Armour


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