Mushroom is the ‘it’ skincare product: Here’s how it works

From being the perfect pizza topping to being the delicious ingredient that helps amp up your boring soup, mushroom serves the purpose. But this humble fungi is slowly sneaking into the world of beauty as well! Once viewed only as a healthy vegetable used to rev up meals, this fantastical ingredient can be a part of your sustainable skincare regimen. So, how does mushroom work for skincare?

As it turns out, mushrooms are not new players in the skincare game! They have been used in skincare for centuries, Celebrity Dermatologist and beauty guru Dr Chytra Anand shares with HealthShots. Here’s what more she has to say about mushrooms and how they work for skincare.

How does mushroom work for your skin? Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Is mushroom good for your skin?

So, what is it about mushrooms that make them an appealing catch in the skincare industry? There’s a reason behind the growing popularity of this fleshy shroom. History suggests that mushrooms have been a part of skincare for years, because of the active ingredient called kojic acid. “One of the most common mushrooms used is the shiitake mushroom, and the other one is the reishi mushroom. They both have an active ingredient called kojic acid which is known worldwide as a skin brightening agent which is a nonsteroidal skin-brightening or skin-lightening agent,” says Dr Anand.

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In fact, this powerful ingredient contains anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation of the skin. So, think of the shroom as the front-line warrior in the fight against damage caused by environmental stressors.

They help boost collagen with cell renewal. Long-term use of skin care products containing mushrooms can also help improve skin elasticity. So mushrooms contain skin-lightening properties, anti-inflammatory properties, and anti-ageing properties. They also play a role in collagen production and Alaskan remodelling. Therefore they have a role in anti-ageing skincare.

“It also contains polysaccharides, which is like a form of a complex chart, found in hyaluronic acid. So reishi mushroom and skincare also help with skin hydration. Cordyceps is another form of mushroom, which is good for its anti-inflammatory properties, and it is now being tested to be used in skincare,” explains the dermatologist.

mushroom for skincare
Benefits of mushroom for skin. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Mushroom: The wonder ingredient

Before we dive into the benefits of mushrooms for the skin, you must know that mushrooms are a powerhouse of nutrients. A great source of vitamin D, protein, vitamin B2, and carbs, mushrooms are excellent for your health. Did you know that their glycemic index is low, which means they are a great food for diabetics? There’s more!

Mushrooms are great for your heart health and can help keep your cholesterol levels. They also contain properties that strengthen your immune system and aid weight loss. As we have already discovered, mushrooms are a great addition to your skincare routine as well. Not to forget, they are great for your hair too!

Since mushrooms are so incredible for not only your skin but for your overall health, you should consider including them in your diet. Unless you are allergic to it!

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