20 Best Shampoos for Men in 2023

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You’d think that settling on the right shampoo would be an easy process, but with your unique hair needs and the overwhelming number of shampoos for men out there, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best shampoos for men, so you can carry on through the year with your best hair yet.

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What Are the Different Types of Hair?

Finding the right shampoo begins with understanding your hair type and its needs. Here are the four different types of hair you may have:

  • Coily (Most Black hair is coily, and is characterized by tight curls and coarse strands that condense when wet. This is the most fragile type of hair and therefore requires targeted care.)
  • Curly (Curly hair means having well-formed curls and thick strands that frizz easily. This type of hair can be hard to control, as it’s easy to damage and gets out of control quickly.)
  • Wavy (Your hair is wavy if it has a bit more texture than straight hair but isn’t set into curls. This type of hair can get both oily and frizzy quickly.)
  • Straight (If you have straight hair, it probably lays flat no matter what you do. Straight hair may be thick or fine and typically stands up to environmental pressures better than the other types of hair do.)

What Kind of Shampoo Do You Need For Your Hair Type?

Now that you’ve identified which type of hair you have, it’s time to start looking for the right shampoo to keep it healthy and looking its best. Keep these things in mind as you shop for a shampoo based on your hair type:

Shampoo for Coily Hair

With coily hair, your main concerns will be moisture, damage, and frizz control. In order to keep your hair in check, look for shampoos that contain natural oils or butters, which will hydrate each follicle while also building up a protective layer. Shampoos that are advertised as strengthening are also a good bet for coily hair.

Stay away from silicones, which can do some serious damage to your strands. You’ll also want to avoid mineral oils, which coat the hair and prevent moisture from getting in.

Shampoo for Curly Hair

Thanks to its shape, curly hair dries out faster than straight hair, so seeking out shampoos with moisturizing power is a good idea. Stylists recommend staying away from sulfate or silicone-ridden products, which can do more harm than good to your fragile strands. Products that contain natural oils and hydrating ingredients will also help tamp down frizz.

Shampoo for Wavy Hair

Since wavy hair gets the best and worst of both straight and curly types, you’ll want to find a balanced product that hydrates without leaving behind excess oil. Look for moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin or coconut oil for the best effect.

Shampoo for Straight Hair

Straight hair is the most prone to greasiness and can also look limp. Hit it with natural proteins for fullness, vitamins for hair health, and oil-busting ingredients such as tea tree for the best results.

Ingredients to Look For in Men’s Shampoo

It’s always a good idea to scan that label before you invest in a shampoo, and while you do so you should keep an eye out for these ingredients:

  • Glycerin. (Glycerin is a superhero when it comes to moisturizing ingredients, as it attracts hydration into your skin and follicles and helps lock it in so you don’t lose moisture throughout the day. In shampoos, glycerin also helps strengthen strands to prevent breakage.)
  • Natural Oils. (Oils such as avocado, jojoba, argan, and coconut deliver on all fronts. They give nutrients to your hair that help it grow thick and healthy while also providing moisture to the strands and scalp.)
  • Shea Butter. (Shea butter is another powerful moisturizing ingredient that is especially important for textured hair. This ingredient will combat frizz and boost shine while also using its anti-inflammatory properties to soothe the scalp.)
  • Aloe Vera. (Aloe works to strengthen and repair your hair so you can avoid breakage. It also soothes your scalp and fends off inflammation which will, in turn, lead to healthier-looking hair. Its moisturizing capabilities are just an added bonus!)
  • Sulfate-Free Surfactants. (Surfactants act as cleansing agents to get rid of dirt and buildup and leave your scalp and hair clean and ready to absorb nutrients and moisture. Instead of sulfate, look for naturally derived surfactants that have the same effect without any of the downsides.)

1. Blu Atlas

Blu Atlas

Blu Atlas

Not only is this fan-favorite shampoo suitable for all hair types, but it also packs a lot of nutrition into an affordable, 99% naturally-sourced formula. What’s not to love? Men with all hair types will benefit from this product’s strengthening properties and its ingredients that tackle oil buildup while simultaneously hydrating strands.

Jojoba protein and aloe vera are the winning ingredients here. Each soothes and conditions hair, allowing it to become healthier and fuller than ever before. All of Blu Atlas’ straightforward products are made with at least 96% naturally-sourced ingredients, zero harmful chemicals, and a subtle, refreshing scent, and this best shampoo for men is no exception!

Best For: All hair types and men who prefer premium and eco-friendly products.

[$25; bluatlas.com]


2. Olaplex Number 4

olaplex number 4
Olaplex Number 4


This innovative formula from Olaplex uses new technology to restore damaged hair to its previous strength and luster. It does this by tackling the millions of disulfide bonds within your hair that are responsible for strength and structure. Just be aware that it may take weeks of use before you start noticing the effects of this shampoo, so have patience.

Get a salon-quality treatment for an at-home price with this formula. If you color your hair (your secret is safe with us), you’ll be especially grateful for this product’s powerful nourishing capabilities that can reverse any damage you’ve done to your hair.

Best For: Damaged or color-treated hair.

[$30; amazon.com]


3. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree

paul mitchell tea tree
Paul Mitchell Tea Tree


Paul Mitchell is one of the biggest names in hair, and this shampoo is the brand’s best seller. That’s because of its formula which combines natural powerhouses like tea tree and peppermint oil to create that unmistakable tingling sensation that comes with a good deep clean.

This product cleanses your scalp, removing any buildup of oil or pollutants, and leaving your hair clean and healthy. Ginger helps get the circulation in your scalp to get rid of dandruff and stimulate hair growth, aloe conditions, and rosemary leaf extract strengthens your hair. Treat yourself to the Paul Mitchell tea tree experience!

Best For: Oily hair or hard water.

[$17; ulta.com]


4. Urtekram Intense Moisture

urtekram intense moisture
Urtekram Intense Moisture

Ecco Verde

Get this all-natural shampoo that uses plant-based, vegan ingredients to deliver serious moisture to your hair and boost softness and shine. Soothing aloe vera and invigorating lemongrass tackle your hair issues at the root in order to promote strong, healthy, and revitalized hair. Plus, it comes in sustainable plant-based packaging, a win-win for eco-conscious men who want healthy hair!

Popular demand for this natural wonder means that you’ll need to find it before it’s gone, and maybe invest in a few bottles while you’re at it. Use this fresh-smelling shampoo first thing in the morning as an instant pick-me-up and notice how your hair feels fuller and healthier over time.

Best For: Dry or curly hair.

[$22; amazon.com]


5. Every Man Jack 2 in 1

every man jack 2 in 1
Every Man Jack 2 in 1


Every Man Jack is an up-and-coming brand for men’s grooming products that has a loyal following thanks to its natural formulas that go easy on the wallet. Like this 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner packed with natural ingredients like tea tree oil, coconut-derived surfactants, and glycerin and shea butter. This blend of plant-based additives works to clean deeply then hydrate and soften.

If you’ve noticed that your hair seems to be thinning out a bit, you’ll notice how this formula helps your head of hair feel thicker after a few washes. Plus, the fact that it’s a 2-in-1 means that you don’t need to shell out for both shampoo and conditioner. Guys who like to keep their grooming routine simple will make this product their go-to!

Best For: Thinning, normal, straight or wavy hair.

[$9; amazon.com]


6. Brickell Daily Strengthening

brickell mens daily strengthening shampoo
Brickell Men’s Daily Strengthening Shampoo


This is one of the best shampoos for men this year because it is one of the best shampoos for all men. Whether you’re looking to get rid of those dandruff flakes, tame your curls, or stave off the greasy look, this shampoo from Brickell will work wonders. Rest assured knowing this product is sulfate-free and made from natural ingredients!

Tea tree and peppermint oils clean deep and give you that refreshing tingle, while vitamin E delivers important nutrients to your scalp that help stimulate hair growth and stop dandruff in its tracks. Other natural ingredients, like lavender, aloe, jojoba, and amino acids, take care of moisturization and promote that shiny, healthy look you’re going for. Then, natural proteins help to thicken and strengthen for a fuller head of hair.

Best For: Dandruff, all hair types.

[$20; amazon.com]


7. Hims


For Hims

While most thickening shampoos use proteins or panthenol to boost hair strands for a fuller appearance, this product works in even more innovative ways. In order to maintain thickness over time, Hims thickening shampoo actually blocks DHT in your hair. DHT is the sex hormone in men that comes from testosterone and can actually contribute to hair loss.

Saw Palmetto is the natural ingredient behind this magical process, and ensures you’ll come away with not only thicker hair, but fuller hair as well. Men love how it makes their hair look and its subtle, pleasant smell.

Best For: Thinning Hair.

[$19; forhims.com]


8. ArtNaturals Moroccan Argan Oil

artnaturals moroccan argan oil
ArtNaturals Moroccan Argan Oil

Art Naturals

Here we have another all-natural best shampoo for men. An essential oil blend that includes jojoba, peach, avocado, argan, and almond works together to nourish hair while getting rid of frizz, thickening, conditioning, and boosting volume. Even with all those oils and all that hydrating power, this shampoo works great for men with oily hair, too.

Men with all hair types will benefit from this formula, which is made up of high-quality natural ingredients that moisturize and repair. The scent isn’t bad, either–a warming blend of vanilla and honey that lingers throughout the day. You can’t go wrong with this simple yet effective shampoo!

Best For: Men with all hair types, dry or damaged hair.

[$15; amazon.com]


9. Briogeo Curl Charisma

briogeo curl charisma
Briogeo Curl Charisma


This shampoo from Briogeo is a godsend for men with wavy to curly hair. That’s because it packs some serious hydrating power to nourish your strands while keeping them calm and frizz-free. You won’t find any sulfate in this formula, meaning you can trust it to take care of your hair without stripping your strands or skin of the natural oils they need.

Amino acids stimulate hair growth, shea butter and avocado oil hydrate, and then tomato fruit ferment allows hair to dry evenly. It’s safe, gentle, effective, and even comes with free samples so you can see what other Briogeo products might work for you.

Best For: Curly hair, color treated or dry curls.

[$28; amazon.com]


10. Bevel Shampoo

bevel shampoo
Bevel Shampoo


Bevel has created this product with men (specifically, men with textured hair) in mind. That means you won’t find any sulfates and silicones in here, just natural ingredients that help encourage your hair to be on its best behavior without any harmful additives.

Shea butter, coconut oil, and glycerin will keep those coils or curls under control while delivering a powerful dose of nutrients that make you feel confident in embracing your natural hair texture.

Best For: Coarse and coily hair, dry hair.

[$10; amazon.com]


11. Krieger and Söhne

krieger and sohne
Krieger and Söhne


Another product that turns to tea tree oil to help men tackle greasy, dry, or thinning hair as well as dandruff and itchy scalps. Tea tree oil works wonders on all types of hair thanks to its anti-fungal, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties that tackle just about any hair concerns you may have.

This is great for thinning hair because it tackles bacteria in the follicles that are preventing growth and gets rid of any buildup that may be stunting your strands from reaching their full potential. Peppermint oil contributes to that invigorating clean and refreshing smell, wheat amino acids stimulate growth, while glycerin moisturizes and seals in all the hydration your hair will need.

Best For: Dry or normal hair, dandruff.

[$19.99; amazon.com]


12. Oribe Signature

oribe signature
Oribe Signature


This product has made our list thanks to its incredible smell that men rave about. Lose yourself in a world of Italian bergamot, apples, cassis, greens, cedar, white amber, and musk–a blend so sophisticated and expertly created that you’ll feel as if you’d doused your hair in your favorite cologne.

Men claim that, aside from the smell, the best part of this shampoo is its rich lather and thickening effect. Watermelon, lychee, and edelweiss fend off damage from oxidative stress while preventing environmental harm, vegetable humectants promote shine without residue, ginger root extract softens, and vegetable protein strengthens and protects. The ultimate treat for both you and your hair!

Best For: Normal hair, damaged hair.

[$49; oribe.com]


13. American Crew 3 in 1

american crew 3 in 1
American Crew 3 in 1

American Crew

Resentful of the fact that you need to line the shelves in your bathroom and shower with different products for different parts of your body? Cut down on the number of products you use with this 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner, and body wash from American Crew.

Sage leaf extract helps encourage the growth of new hair follicles while citric acid cleanses your scalp and hops flower extract fights inflammation to keep your hair and skin healthy. You’ll get a good cleanse out of this product, along with some serious moisturizing properties that are beneficial both for your hair and skin. Plus, it comes with its own masculine fragrance that helps control odor throughout the day.

Best For: Men who want a quick grooming routine, dull hair.

[$27; americancrew.com]


14. SEEN Fragrance Free

seen fragrance free
SEEN Fragrance Free


Hey, scented shampoos may not be your thing, and that’s cool. You can still take great care of your hair with a fragrance-free option like this shampoo from Seen. The brand’s dermatologist-developed shampoo (which also happens to be vegan and non-comedogenic) is safe to use both on your hair and skin.

Hemisqualane is a natural ingredient that comes from sugar and provides color protection, frizz control, and smoothing properties. All this without clogging pores! Then bisabolol pumps up the volume while protecting both skin and hair. The same powerful effects as artificial blends without any of the consequences. Plus, no animal testing.

Best For: All hair types, color-treated hair.

[$29; ulta.com]


15. Jack Black True Volume

jack black true volume
Jack Black True Volume


From cult-favorite Jack Black comes this volumizing shampoo made with natural ingredients. Men love Jack Black products because they’re straightforward, natural, and do their jobs. The job for this shampoo is thickening, which it tackles with a bunch of powerful plant-derived ingredients. The price may be higher than your average drugstore generic shampoo, but that’s because it uses quality ingredients that really work.

Tea tree gets rid of buildup while soothing the scalp, creatine strengthens, wheat protein adds volume, white lupine protein nourishes, nettle leaf soothes, sunflower seed oil hydrates, and basil brings antioxidants to each follicle. All of these ingredients come together to give you a fuller head of hair than you’ve had in years. And all that without parabens, alcohol, or sulfates. Plus, men with sensitive skin won’t have any issues with this dermatologist-tested shampoo that’s made in the USA.

Best For: Thinning hair, sensitive skin.

[$32; amazon.com]


16. Head and Shoulders Anti Dandruff

head and shoulders anti dandruff
Head and Shoulders Anti Dandruff


Alright, we had to include this classic in our list. You’ve probably seen this product, if not at the store than in commercials, and chances are you’ve used it at some point in your life. This classic clean from Head and Shoulders is the top dandruff shampoo in the business, that hydrates and protects hair while eradicating dandruff and getting rid of any itchiness.

Pyrithione Zinc is the main active ingredient in this formula that is recognized for its power against dandruff, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and a bunch of other skin irritation conditions. It also has antibacterial properties to keep your scalp healthy. If your hair gets dry and dull easily, this shampoo will get it on the right track immediately, locking in moisture for smooth, healthy hair.

In addition to all that, this shampoo smells great and is pretty cheap. So what are you waiting for?

Best For: Dandruff, dry hair.

[$22; amazon.com]


17. Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo

shea butter moisturizing shampoo
Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo

Here comes a product that includes all the ingredients your curly hair is craving! Shea butter and mafura oil specially target Black hair for a gentle clean that keeps your curls shiny, healthy, and frizz-free. Other natural ingredients, such as rosemary leaf oil, algae extract, and soybean oil deliver important nutrients while working alongside shea butter to condition, brighten, and soften.

Shea Moisture’s products are known for being of the highest quality, meaning you can count on this brand to bring you only the best. You’ll find no parabens, sulfates, or mineral oil in here! Just natural goodness that men love.

Best For: Coarse or coily hair, curls, dry hair.

[$8; target.com]


18. Method Men 2 in 1

method men 2 in 1
Method Men 2 in 1

Keep your morning routine simple with this 2-in-1 cleanser that works to clean and condition your hair. The ingredient list is straightforward as could be, with powerhouses like coconut surfactants for cleansing, argan oil for nutrients and hydration, menthol for an invigorating clean, and citric acid to keep your skin’s pH in check.

Method Men vows to create products for men without any fuss. They smell great (this citrus one is the ideal way to start your day), come at an affordable cost, and take care of your hair without any harmful chemicals.

Best For: All hair and skin types.

[$66 for a 6 pack; amazon.com]


19. 18.21 Sweet Tobacco Shampoo

1821 sweet tobacco shampoo
18.21 Sweet Tobacco Shampoo


Another 3-in-1 for the win! This product from 18.21 looks good enough to go on the top shelf at a bar, and smells like masculine shampoo, conditioner, and body wash of your dreams. Along with the addicting smell of sweet tobacco comes some serious hydrating power that your hair and body will thank you for.

Macadamia glycerides bring antioxidant power to your hair while helping it become soft and healthy, jojoba esters nourish and hydrate, and quinoa boosts hair growth while repairing split ends. You’ll want to lather this all over your hair, beard, and body and take in your new favorite scent. The scent which will stick around all day long!

Best For: Dry or damaged hair.

[$28; ulta.com]


20. Redken Brews

redken brews
Redken Brews


This shampoo, which contains malt to nourish and condition hair, may look like a bottle of beer but is actually best kept in the shower, not the fridge. Redken’s lightweight formula is great for fine, fragile, and damaged hair, using natural ingredients to hydrate and boost shine.

Glycerin helps seal in moisture to calm down those curls and reduce the appearance of dry or frizzy strands. Proteins thicken and citric acid acts as a natural conditioner so you can step out of the shower with soft, smooth hair that is good to go all day. The best part about this shampoo? You only need a little bit of it to get the full cleaning and hydrating effect, so one bottle will last you a while.

Best For: Curls, dry hair, damaged hair.

[$18; amazon.com]

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Men’s Shampoo FAQs

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

Most barbers would tell men that washing their hair with shampoo every 2-3 days is sufficient in order to avoid stripping the hair of essential natural oils. Men with long hair may want to go for every other day but still try to stay under four times a week.

Is it Okay to Use a Combined Shampoo and Conditioner?

As exciting as it is to be able to skip a step in the shower, experts say that using 2-in-1 products may not give you the same result as using separate shampoos and conditioners. This is because each serves a different purpose. Shampoo typically cleanses the hair so it’s ready to receive the moisture that conditioner provides. Using them at the same time may not allow for the moisture to fully penetrate.

Can You Use Body Wash as Shampoo?

The number one reason not to use body washes as shampoos is that they are formulated to have different pHs. pH is the balance of acid and alkaline in your skin and hair and it is important to maintain the correct pH for optimal health. Plus, since body washes often have stronger cleansing power that is meant for the skin, using it on hair may strip your strands of necessary oils and leave your hair lackluster and dry.

Is There a Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Shampoo?

Some shampoos may be unisex and work great on both men’s and women’s hair. Since there is no difference in the actual follicles between the sexes, you can probably get away with using a women’s or unisex product with no issues.

Many women’s shampoos are simply formulated for longer hair and include fragrances that women love, while men’s shampoos focus on cleansing and are often not scented heavily. Some products are formulated specifically for men, and take the specific hormones of men and their thicker skin into account when putting together their shampoo.

Ready to treat your hair to the shampoo experience it deserves? Pick out a product from this list and take the next step towards your best head of hair yet!

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